Our speakers
Constantin Söffing
Managing Director
of inno4cons GmbH

Christian Woltering
Sales Manager (Germany)
in the Big Dutchman
fattening poultry division

Saeid Najati
Consultant for the
Cobb Germany
Avimex GmbH

Thore Petersen
For more than 20 years,
Thore Petersen
is Management
and Production Consultant
to broiler and turkey.

Dr. Christian Lückstädt
Technical Director FEED

Grow healthy chicken, drug free!


We present the following topics from our experts in the poultry industry.



Bedding - as a basis for healthy animals.
From pellets to bacteria-inhibiting bedding.




Climate change in coop and wallet: Highernimal welfare and lower energy costs through new heat exchanger (Earny 2)
How to save one part of the upcoming CO2 tax.




Basics of health and welfare for chicken. Optimal preparation for placement for a healthy and successful start in the fattening
of Cobb 500 broilers.




The influence of sustainable feed additives based on acids for the future of poultry nutrition.




Placement of birds:
Monitoring for successful drug-free rearing.



We are looking forward to welcome you!